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Welcome to February

Welcome to February, it's getting closer to Spring and warmer months lie ahead, well you'd hope so! 

Yes, I'm talking about the weather. Yes, I'm struggling for materials to fill this newsletter. I can hardly say I've done nothing recently apart from a new review and that's it can I?


I did do some review work yesterday, and I do have a backlog of other reviews to get through, I need to find some motivation and I'll be poppin' them reviews out left and right.

Oh shit, I almost forgot to mention about the My Helpful Hints Small Business Directory then (helps me fill in more of this newsletter). The directory is rapidly growing, we now offer a free 14-day trial to wet the appetite of potential newbies, showing them our ways and hopefully a permanent place in the cult will follow.

And, that's it, newsletter done.


17th February 2022 - Darren
IMOU Cell 2 Security Camera
Today I’m writing about the IMOU Cell 2 Security Camera, a wireless CCTV unit with a rechargeable 6-month charge battery. Just read that last part again, a wireless camera with…
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