Sephia SP4080 Earphones

The Sephia SP4080 Earphones are another set of affordable earphones from Sephia. You’d think the bargain price would mean these earphones are poor in quality, but after reading my review you’ll see why price means nothing in the field of audio equipment.

The Sephia SP4080 comes with in-line user control, universal 3.5mm jack plug and a wonderfully modern Rose Gold colour scheme. Read more about Sephia SP4080 Earphones

Sephia KH684 Headphone

The Sephia KH684 Headphone are basic wired set of headphones that can be used in any device via a 3.5mm AUX cable jack.

Simplicity is the main design with the Sephia KH684, with no in-line controls, no Bluetooth, no microphone, just a simple plug and play set of audio headphones. Read more about Sephia KH684 Headphone

Sephia SP9090 Earphones

The Sephia SP9090 Earphones are a universal set of bass driven earphones for just about any device, including smartphones and MP3 players.

You get high powered 10mm neodymium drivers that provide a crisp and balanced sound, with great thumping bass tones too! Read more about Sephia SP9090 Earphones