Product Review: KooPower Wireless Doorbell (Z-289-2)

The KooPower Wireless Doorbell (Z-289-2) is a doorbell with difference, it’s completely wireless and will never need any batteries!

You get two internal mains powered receivers and one external transmitter.

You also get a choice of 25 different musical melodies.

Retail Packaging.

The KooPower Wireless Doorbell (Z-289-2) comes packaged in a White sleeved cardboard box with picture illustrations printed on it.  The box measures 14.0cm x 10.0cm x 9.0cm and weighs 326G.

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Upon opening the KooPower Wireless Doorbell (Z-289-2) box you will find the following items:  2x Receivers, 1x Transmitter, 1x Self-Adhesive Tape, 1x Fixing Kit, and 1x Multi-Lingual User Guide.

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KooPower Wireless Doorbell (Z-289-2).

The KooPower Wireless Doorbell (Z-289-2) is made from highly durable plastic materials.  They are White in colour with a Blue LED lighting ring.

Each one of the internal receiver’s measure (When plugged into an electrical socket) 8.5cm in height x 7.5cm in width x 3.6cm in depth and each one weighs 100G.

The transmitter measures 8.2cm in height x 3.6cm in width x 1.9cm in depth and weighs 42G.

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On the side of the receiver there are two control buttons, these control the volume and select your chosen melody.

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KooPower Wireless Doorbell (Z-289-2).

It’s so easy to set up and use the KooPower Wireless Doorbell (Z-289-2).

Simply plug in the receiver into a mains powered electrical socket and the transmitter will start to work, try it! You’ll be amazed how it works without any cables or batteries.

To install the transmitter, you can if like me you have a PVC door frame use the supplied self-adhesive tape.  But, if you need to install this onto a wooden door frame or even a brick wall then you’ll need to use the supplied screws and fixings.  To do this you’ll need to prise open the transmitter at the bottom and install the fixings through the back of the casing onto your surface and re-attached the front afterwards.

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Once attached and power has been applied to the receivers you’re all set! Now, you can if you wish select a melody from the 25 available and change the volume from Low, Medium, to High.

You can even select a different melody for each of the receivers.

You’ll also be pleased to know that these works wirelessly upto a range of 150M (40M through walls and other objects)

You can use both receivers or only use one, it doesn’t matter.  The internal receivers also light up with a Blue LED light when in use.

The whole system works by transferring mechanical energy into electrical energy, when you push in the button on the transmitter the force used transfers that effort into enough electrical energy to send a signal to the internal receivers.

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Technical Specifications.

  • Brand – KooPower
  • Model – Wireless Doorbell
  • Model Code – Z-289-2
  • Colour – White
  • EAN – 6952692758407
  • ASIN – B01I527732
  • Receiver Input Power – 110V – 230V AC
  • Receiver Current – <10mA
  • Sound Volume – 50-80dB
  • Working Frequency – 433MHz ± 2MHz
  • Ratings – IP44 Rated (Waterproof)
  • Compliance – CE, FCC, RoHS


I absolutely love this wireless doorbell from KooPower.  It amazes me how it works, such a simple idea and could change the way we look at traditional doorbells.  For me, the idea of not needing batteries is good, not only for the environment impact but also for a financial point of view.  I’ve had doorbells with a battery wireless system in the past and they seem to last about a week (Maybe i get too many deliveries).

The button does need to be pressed with some force in order to convert that mechanical force into electrical energy, but this doesn’t render it unusable in my opinion.

If you want the KooPower Wireless Doorbell (Z-289-2) for yourself, it is available only on Amazon and comes with a full 12 Month Warranty.   The RRP for this doorbell is £54.99.

Thank you for reading this, feel free to comment down below, your input really matters to me.  I can also be contacted here.  Why not check out my other product reviews here.


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