Product Copywriting

Are you looking for a great product copywriter? Do you have a brilliant product but still aren’t getting the sales you deserve?

Then you need my help, I can write persuasive text that can convert your visiting browsers into customers.

Why I should be your Product Copywriter?

I can write to suit any brand, so, if you’re a cool and funky brand that sells cool gadgets I can write to suit your brands unique style.  If your brand is more serious and sells products to suit a more serious market, no problem I can also write to suit your audience too!

The best thing about my service is my pricing structure. I don’t charge by the hour and have only one fixed fee per product. I charge on a product to product basis, so you can keep track of your marketing budget easily.

I’m certainly not the cheapest copywriter on the internet. If you go cheap you’ll compromise on written quality, but I can assure you that I produce the best quality for the fee charged.

I don’t believe a product description needs to be long either, in fact I suggest a description to be no longer than 500 words, any more than that and you’re in danger of boring your potential customer. I can guarantee you that I can make a product sound interesting in under 500 words. I’m clear, to the point and precise in my written execution.

I also ensure that all my work is spelt correctly and easily readable for all audiences. There’s no point in writing an over-complicated piece, only for no one to understand it!

Product Copywriter

What I Require.

All I need to get started is some basic product information (Size, Weight, Colours, etc) and some product images too!

I’ll do my thing on my keyboard and send my work over to you for prior approval before I invoice for my work.

I can send you some examples of the brilliant work that I’ve done for other clients. I’m sure you’ll see it, want it, and send work my way!

That’s it, you’ll be selling more in next to no time. Remember I have one fixed fee, charge on a product to product basis and never invoice you for work until you’re satisfied.

Get in contact below for a quick reply email from me. I’m the Product Copywriter for you!