Vinology Brandy Warmer Set

Today I’m going to be writing about my experiences using the Vinology Brandy Warmer Set. This is the ultimate in gift sets for anyone who loves a drop of Brandy.

You get a gold-plated stand that has been designed to perfectly balance the supplied Brandy glass without toppling over. Read more about Vinology Brandy Warmer Set

Jeray Mixology Globe Decanter

Today I’ll be reviewing the Jeray Mixology Globe Decanter. This hand-blown Borosilicate Glass decanter is the perfect gift and can spin gently upon its own axis.

The stopper is made from glass too and has a rubber bung to ensure your globe remains airtight.

The Jeray Mixology Globe Decanter has a 750ml capacity, ideal for your favourite tipple. Read more about Jeray Mixology Globe Decanter

Stuart The Snowman

I’m excited for today’s review, it’s Stuart The Snowman by Oliphant. It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of products from Oliphant, and it’s been a while since my last review for them, so I’m excited for this one.

It’s early November so the thought of building a snowman for many of us is the last thing on our minds, but if I write this review early enough you’ll want Stuart in time for the Christmas period and order him early, I expect a surge of orders for Stuart nearer to the time. Read more about Stuart The Snowman