Fancii Trifold Vanity Mirror

The Fancii Trifold Vanity Mirror is a 4 panelled LED vanity mirror.

You get 34 bright, eco-friendly, and energy-efficient LEDs that mimic the effects of natural sunlight.  The Fancii LEDs are 2x brighter and have softer illumination than similar models and won’t burn out like traditional incandescent bulbs! Read more about Fancii Trifold Vanity Mirror

Vinteky 48W LED Nail Lamp

The Vinteky 48W LED Nail Lamp is suitable for both LED nail gel and UV nail gel.

The Vinteky 48W LED Nail Lamp comes with a UV protection board that prevents skin becoming darkened.

This nail lamp is made from eco-friendly LED’s, which also ensure that no harmful substances can be absorbed into your skin. Read more about Vinteky 48W LED Nail Lamp