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Ceefer Crafts is where the different parts of my crafting life come together.

At home I crochet, craft, bake and garden and my almost monthly blogs record the successes / failures of each.

I facilitate monthly Arts & Craft sessions at Residential Care Homes across Scotland’s Central Belt. These are currently in Glasgow, Edinburgh and East Kilbride. It’s incredibly rewarding spending time with these ladies and gentlemen, the classes focus on using their imaginations and having fun rather than perfecting whatever the particular project is.

Then there is my crochet classes based in The Wool Haven in Battlefields, Glasgow. These have been running since 2016 and the waiting list continues to grow!

I crochet to relax and resultant items are available for either in my online store or in Art Space, G41, Shawlands, Glasgow.

Commissions are always welcome if you require something different and I have even been known to knit on occasion.

The most popular items are my range of dragonscale products: wrist warmers, cowls, hats and infinity scarves.