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I’m an award winning small business owner, Canva design coach and a Canva Creator Ambassador for the UK – We’re called Canvassadors! I love helping other small business owners with their graphics, branding, creating passive income through template and element creation, or setting up a new digital design business. Anything design related and I’m there. Encouraging women to embrace design and create businesses within the digital world is one of my all time passions. I’ve built my business around my family life, we have two boys, Oliver and Alfie, plus two Labrador puppies, – so life is never dull. and we live in the middle of the UK. After pivoting my business at the start of lockdown (I’m a web designer) I decided to focus my attention on helping businesses become more visible on social media, I have a business full of design based services now, such as my monthly Canva template membership, full of template packs and tutorial videos, creating Canva courses for all levels, challenges, trainings into business groups and creating templates and elements for Canva. Then there are the awesome book projects, the Creative Book Project is aimed at helping businesses with visibility, showcasing their Canva designs and giving a physical reference book for design inspiration. I also create a business planner, the Business Focus Planner yearly to help small businesses keep on top of everything, including: social media, blogging and networking So that’s me, a creative designer with a passion for design.