Marbled Beauty
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100% silk scarves and other items hand-marbled with love and care. Each one is unique as marbling is a ‘mono-print’ process, where the painting is created on a bed of thickened water and, once complete, the image is pulled onto the silk. The image comes off completely onto the silk leaving the ‘size’ or thickened water ready for the next painting.

Ceefer Crafts
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Business Description:

Ceefer Crafts started as a place I could record my adventures in crafting and encourage others to try new things. Pre-lockdown I would teach crochet in the Glasgow South area and various crafts at residential homes in Glasgow, Edinburgh and East Kilbride. My main love is crochet, although I will pick up 2 sticks occasionally. I am available for commissions if you require something different to items stocked in my shop. The most popular products are dragon scale wrist warmers and amigurumi creatures. I also stock a selection of hats, scarves, button cowls, shawls and a range of cotton face care items.