About Me

A little about myself


My name is Darren and below is some basic informational facts about me.  I didn’t want to write loads of information and just wanted to keep it simple.

#1 I’m a father of two wonderful daughters.

#2 I’m engaged.  (Soulmates do exist).

#3 Prior to writing reviews I ran an e-Commerce business.

#4 Before that I was a skilled building maintenance engineer.  Specialising in all things Air Conditioning, Electrical and Plumbing.

#5 I’m completely honest.

#6 I like taking things apart to see how they function.

#7 I’m creative but not very artistic (Think stick men!)

#8 I love nature and animals.

#9 I love technology (I’m a bit of a nerd really)

#10 I’m ambitious and want to succeed in everything I do.

PR friendly and approachable.  If you are interested in working alongside me, please either contact me here.  Or email admin@myhelpfulhints.co.uk