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#iSpy Photographs

#iSpy with my little iPhone! Every day IS a photo opportunity!

I do love to live ‘beside the seaside’ which provides perfect subjects for photos taken with my trusty iPhone - always in my pocket!  I also snap cats and dogs, everyday sights, towns and cities, boats and piers, epic days out and happy travel … that’s life!

Every Limited Edition photo tells a story and is available in colour, black and white or ‘art’ edit and as A3, A4 prints, gift cards or postcards. They are printed on high quality paper by a local, printer and they are mounted or framed. All have a story to tell and are signed with title, location and edition number.

I am happy to take commissions.

Thanks for looking. #iSpy

Eco effort- as a small business I am not selling mass produced or fast art. I am an independent and I use other local independents to print and frame my work. Where possible the paper used is sustainably sourced and I limit or recycle packaging. Where prints do need protecting, I have sourced eco-friendly, biodegradable wrapping reducing the use of plastic or cellophane. When printing large numbers of cards I have chosen a London based start-up for whom sustainability is a priority. They offer recycled options for paper and packaging aiming to uphold the highest standards of sustainable forestry. I understand that my customers would like to consider the environmental impact of the products they purchase.

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#iSpy Photographs 0 reviews

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