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Hi. I am Andy. You may know me from Create-England but this is another side to my empire (which is only a state of mind).

I buy, sell and collect coins, mainly UK mainland coins and have a particular preference to silver proof coins. Although I also have a collection of Brilliant Uncirculated £5, £2 and 50p coins, alongside folders of pre-decimal coins.

My main focus is collecting and when my brain is up to it, I visit car boots looking for the weird and wonderful. The weird is usually found in a mirror, the wonderful on stalls. I do occasionally buy coins direct from people on the tinterweb but this is not my main focus.

One misconception about coins is that an old coin is valuable. This is not the only measure of a coins value though. The two main other factors are how many were made and their condition. For example. A pre-decimal one penny coin from the 1800's may have had a huge minting number in the millions and only worth 10p where there is a 50p coin from 2016 with a low mintage that can be worth up to £200. The condition also makes a difference, and usually tested by their appearance. The more visible the details of the coin, the better the condition is considered to be, but this will also be impacted by dents, bends, discolouration and corrosion.

With all this in mind, please do not be disappointed if i value a coin at much less than you thought it would be. If I am buying to sell on, the value I can offer has to be less than the market value, or I won't be able to make a profit but if I am buying for my collection, I will offer the market value.

Thanks for reading this babble from my brain, I really do appreciate it. Now pop over to my eBay store for a browse of the coins I have for sale. One of these may make a great gift for a special someone or milestone birthday.


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