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Another week passes, and time for another weekly newsletter. I'm going to continue sending a newsletter once weekly every Friday, because continuity in business is the gold star standard according to those marketing nerds on Twitter with 50 followers. So, from now on, once per week it is.


Whilst I type the word Twitter I'm instantly reminding myself of the fact that I'm giving away 3 advertisement placements on the website, these will be 250 x 250 pixel sized adverts in a cool small business slideshow (well that's the plan, I'm sure it'll go tits up and crash my website, but I'll give it a go). This giveaway ends this Sunday 28/11/2021 at 23:59. If I've done the link correctly, the button below will take you directly to the giveaway like a boss!

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This week (well yesterday to be precise) I reviewed some wax melts for Angel Creations, I managed to not eat them too. You can see the review linked below (I know this will work correctly as I've had plenty of practice now with this section) Not only that, but I've been doing some edits of some older reviews, making them cleaner, fresher, more Google friendly so I can some more dosh from the AdSense, next week is photographs day, got some cool new products in for review, can't say much as I'm sworn to secrecy. Have a great weekend, don't forget about the giveaway, don't forget it's Friday, don't forget to comment and share my posts from the website using the obvious sharing buttons, each share warms up my cold, dead heart.


All the best, Darren.

25th November 2021 - Darren
Angel Creations
Today it’s another small business review, this time for Angel Creations and a selection of wax melts. Angel Creations was set up in early 2021 after Charlotte (the owner) suffered…
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