Yes, I know it's a day late!

So here we go again, newsletter writing time, remember it's all done manually now, so there will be some mistakes.


Reviews update: Yesterday I wrote a review for the IMOU Bullet 2E 4MP Security Camera (Check the ink below), the exclusive 20% My Helpful Hints discount code wasn't working, so I've contacted IMOU and they've fixed the issue and extended this generous offer until 30th June 2022, which is wonderful of them to do.


Next week I plan to write a review for Angel Creations and the superb offering of their scented wax melts, honestly I can tell you now they're great, but that's enough of that, I've not even written the review yet!


#MHHSBD Update: The My Helpful Hints Small Business Directory continues to expand at a rapid rate, as I'm writing this we're currently at 336 active users, the special £1 joining offer is coming to an end very soon and has been instrumental in this rapid growth.


Stripe Payments: I've made the decision to move away from PayPal as a payments provider and instead use Stripe. The software I use on the forms and PayPal didn't agree for some reason, it would glitch far too often, I tried to sort it out many times, PayPal would blame the software I was using and they in turn would blame PayPal. I'm a parent of two daughters, so I couldn't be bothered to hear any more blaming arguments. Since I've switched to Stripe, the payment glitch has stopped!


That's about it from me.



18th November 2021
IMOU Bullet 2E 4MP Security Camera
Today I’m writing about the IMOU Bullet 2E 4MP Security Camera. This is the second review for IMOU on this website after the IMOU Ranger 2C 4MP Security Camera, which…
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